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Your Home Based Travel Agency

Succeeding as a home-based travel agency means using "guerilla tactics" to beat out the glitzy storefront agency down on Main Street. And what better way to do that than to bring the "travel agency" to your customers' homes instead of forcing them to come see you in your "office". For many home-based travel agents this is the kind of "differentiator" that wins them loyal customers.

You may want to use your home to host a "cruise night" when you are promoting cruises or have a Hawaiian-theme party to promote great deals on a vacation in the islands.

The travel industry is a "$4 trillion dollar industry" and you can be part of that. People are making real money in this industry. Whether you want to work part time you can earn as much as $500 (or more) on every sale. That's not pocket change, that's a serious commission. Full-timers are supporting themselves and their families. A lot of them are seeing more of the world that they every dreamed of seeing before. A few of them are making very good money indeed, over $50,000 or more! Even the "American Society of Travel Age (ASTA) recognizes that home-based travel agents are the wave of the future.

Becoming a home-based travel agency is easy. The problem is knowing what kind of home based travel agency to be. There are probably many ways of being a home-based travel agency and no one does it exactly the same.

Booking Agents

Are usually attracted to the idea of becoming home-based travel agency because they love getting involved in all the details of planning wonderful trips, across the country or around the world. Or perhaps they have developed some expertise in a particular destination or type of vacation or mode of travel, calling it "niche" marketing yourself.

Anyone who is halfway serious about pursuing a career as a full-fledge home-based travel agency -- even on a part time basis -- will very quickly qualify for the "IATAN card". This is the Rolls-Royce of travel agent photo ID cards and it can be used to get all the discounts and privileges world wide to all agents meeting the earned income commission.

One of the greatest things about the opportunities available to home-based travel agencies is that this is not a one-size-fits-all or all-or-nothing proposition.

Booking Agents can:

  • Work only occasionally to find great deals for themselves and a small circle of friends
  • Work just enough to earn themselves one or two great vacations every year
  • Work as home-based travel agency on the side, in addition to their regular jobs
  • Work part time basis to earn a respectable second income

Whether you work just occasionally or put in a 60-hour week exactly how you work is totally up to you. You are completely free to concentrate on the destinations, activities or modes of travel that excite you. There's no one to tell you what to sell, where to sell it, to whom to sell it or how to sell it!

The key concept is that you are independent

Think about that a moment. It means that you are your own boss. No one can tell you what to do or how to do it. You control your own destiny. Your success (or failure) is entirely your responsibility.

If that scares …. Well, maybe this isn't for you.

If that excites you, congratulations! You have what it takes to be a success as a home-based travel agency!

Although you are independent and on your own, you are never alone as a home-based travel agency. You must constantly work with others to provide service to your clients. Virtually, every home-based travel agency must form a relationship with a host agency. The host agency must be ARC approved with affiliations with a consortia and other travel industry organizations.

As a home-based travel agency you will need:

  • A host ARC approved agency that offers the ICON for your desktop
  • A contract with your host agency
  • Understand the nature of your relationship with your host agency

What you will receive:

  • IATAN card with your earned commissions
  • Get the travel industry discounts and benefits to which you are entitled
  • Take tax-deductible cruises while you learn the business
  • Receive FREE training and seminars from travel industry
  • Enjoy tax benefits of a home office

Benefits You'll Receive with the Home-Based

Ongoing Telephone and E-mail Support

We'll provide you with ongoing telephone support to answer your questions and help you through any problems you might have. One of our agents will be personally assigned to your account to assist you.

Apollo Icon

With the Apollo system, you're equipped with a comprehensive set of tools that help you manage every aspect of your business. The people of Apollo are committed to providing you with support and help your agency needs. Have access to your own United Airlines Apollo reservation system Icon on your own computer.

Ticket Printing Services

ATC will print your airline tickets for you so you don't need expensive ticket printing computers and software

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