Travel Careers Development Class

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Travel Career Development Class

Getting Started Travel industry fundamentals that can lead to an exciting career in the travel industry!

Academy Travel School offers strong foundational training in the form of its popular Travel Introductory Program - the TRIPKit.



The TRIPKit curriculum is contained in two college-level textbooks and their supporting workbooks to help you master the fundamentals of the travel industry.  


1. Travel Career Development is the cornerstone of the program. Adopted by a number of college programs, you will learn the art of selling travel, the keys to servicing customers, the variety of experiences you may be selling, as the diverse career path available to you.




2. Exploring the World examines the physical and cultural angles of geography, plus a regional breakdown describing specific destinations and their attractions. Chapter summaries and discussion questions help expand your learning. This course is the foundation from which you will build a successful travel career. You will see the world as world travelers see it - a kaleidoscope of places, people and experiences waiting to be sampled.



Dear Future Travel Professional:     


Congratulations on your decision to enter the travel & tourism industry.  I applaud your decision and wish you a fulfilling prosperous career.

As you can imagine, travel & tourism evolves as quickly as the world changes.  Politics, economics, geography, weather, cultural events, and a host of other factors continually affect travel & tourism business.  The paramount role of Academy Travel School is to encourage and facilitate professional development and continuous learning for individuals at all career stages.    


Hundreds of thousands of students have used Travel Career Development as a key to unlocking a career in the travel field.  Since its introduction, Travel Career Development has been a wildly used as a core test in survey courses, as an office reference for new employees and as the center piece for various programs on specific aspects of the travel industry.

Travel Career Development is organized into four parts:

Part 1:  Exploring the World of Travel sets the foundation for the rest of the book, introducing students to basic concepts and topics.
Part 2:  The Travel Product examines the key sectors of the travel industry one by one.
Part 3: Marketing Travel provides both and overview of basic principles and a discussion of effective practices for selling travel products.
Part 4:  The Travel Workplace gives a practical introduction to key aspects of working in the travel and tourism industry. It discusses the essential tasks of communicating and managing money in travel offices and the operation of home-based travel businesses.  It also offers guidelines for finding employment and building a successful career.



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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1  Overview of the Travel and Tourism Industry
Chapter 2  Geography and International Travel
Chapter 3  Using Technology
Chapter 4  Air Travel
Chapter 5  Ground Travel
Chapter 6  Accommodations
Chapter 7  Cruises
Chapter 8  Tours and Packages
Chapter 9  Marketing
Chapter 10  Making a Sale
Chapter 11  Specialized Sales
Chapter 12  Communications
Chapter 13  Money Matters
Chapter 14  Home-Based Agents
Chapter 15  Finding Employment
Chapter 16  Building a Career

This textbook prepares you for the first of a series of professional credentials offered by The Travel Institute:  The Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP) test.  It measures entry-level knowledge for all aspects of the travel industry. By taking and passing the TAP Test, you will earn the nationally recognized TAP credential and shorten the waiting period to receive the IATAN Travel Agent ID card after meeting the  IATAN's requirements.

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Travel Career Development

Taught online with gotomeeting

5 week Program
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