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SABRE Personal Trainer
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SABRE Personal Trainer!
Now you can train yourself Self-Paced Program.

For Sabre Travel Network® products, Personal Trainer(sm) is a self-based training tool that helps you expand your skills to book air, cars, hotels, tours, cruises and more.

Product Description

It enables you to customize your own training programs, which are available without ever having to leave your home or office. It's ideal for all travel agencies with new or experienced agents as well as individuals who are interested in entering a career in travel.


The 170+ training courses include the following topics:


* Air, car hotel, and cruise reservations
* Pricing and ticketing
* Productivity tools
* Invoice and itinerary processing
* Fares and rules
* Queues management
* Profile features
* International travel


Many agencies use certification tests to qualify job applicants and to measure agents' mastery of new skills. A score of 80% or better on a Personal Trainer Certification tests awards the agent with a Sabre system certification which can automatically appears on your screen and can be printed.




* Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, & 7
* Internet Access & Browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox)

* Pentium Class 90
* 32 MG of RAM
* 5 MB available hard disk space
* 16 bit sound card (optional)
* 256 color monitor set at 800 X 600 resolution

* Not compatible with mobile devices (such as iPhone, iPad, iTouch)

Share with Friends & Co-Workers


Personal Trainer has been created with you in mind. Interactive, fast paced, online training designed to help you "get Sabre fit".


Being "Sabre Fit" means you can work smarter with the Sabre system.  


By taking short 'bite sized' courses on booking air, cars, hotels, cruises and more, you will quickly notice how your productivity improves as you glide through making bookings.



Train when you have time


Personal Trainer is ready to go whenever and wherever you want. In the office, at home or, if you wish at the beach.

Beginner, Intermediate or Expert


Our courses are designed to help new Sabre users feel more confident. Once you have been making bookings for a while Personal Trainer is perfect to help you gain additional skills such as ticketing or invoice & itinerary.


Personal Trainer courses are packed with great tips and ideas that could be of use to those who have been using the Sabre system for some time. Why not try a course today and see what you can learn?


Take a look at our Course Page to see what might be of interest to you.


Get certified


Take optional tests and earn certification of your proficiency in the courses you want.


Take the first step...


It's really easy to get started with Personal Trainer. 


Ready to get Sabre Fit?


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